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UPDATE as of July 2014:

Laura took most of 2013 and half of 2014 off from the Secret Agent L Project for heath reasons. In July of 2014, she returned to the Project hoping to complete missions of kindness every so often as she continues to monitor her health. She also hopes that people from around the world will continue to participate as Affiliated Agents and send in their own missions of kindness to be featured on the website.


The Secret Agent L (SAL) Project started in July of 2009 as a way to pay tribute to a friend.  It all started with a single hydrangea flower on the windshield of a car in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Secret Agent L, whose real identity is that of Laura Donaldson, goes all over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and leaves little acts of kindness and day-brightening for an unsuspecting person to find.  The SAL Project blossomed into an international phenomenon of anonymous acts of kindness, with over 2,000 Affiliated Agents sharing in the fun and selflessness all over the world.  Some of the countries that have participated in the project include Japan, Germany, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Laura, 36, is currently an administrative assistant at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Theatre and a master’s degree in English Literature (with an emphasis on 18th-Century British drama and actresses) from the same institution.  Previousy, she modeled and acted professionally, working in the industry for over fourteen years, filming various commercials, industrial films, and recording voice overs.  Laura is also actively involved in promoting mental health awareness and works closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Southwestern PA, on whose Board of Directors she currently serves.

Laura remained anonymous until July 2010, when she revealed her identity at a charity fundraiser for NAMI, which was attended by over 200 people and raised over $1,500.  By putting a face to the project, she hopes to increase even more awareness around the importance of kindness and its increasingly powerful–and healing–effects on the world.

“This project is the greatest honor of my life,” she says.  “Every mission touches my heart, whether it’s one I complete or one my Affiliated Agents complete.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be the facilitator of this international kindness movement.  I truly believe this is my life’s work.”


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