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Samsung Grows Despite Failures

Companies make mistakes, and if the mistake is big enough, it can hurt the company financially. We have seen this over and over again recently with some of the more notable examples coming from Volkswagen, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. How a…


Ways to Profit From Greece

It looks like Greece is going to default on their loan repayments after the latest announcements out of Europe. Creditors have decided not to extend a lifeline to the struggling country, and the most likely result is a default. Parliament has already approved…


Gold Hits Five Year Low

Gold is currently near a five year low, and that’s good news for those that want to go long on the commodity. Gold has always been considered a safe way to hedge your other trades and investments because it is universally regarded as…


While Wall Street Waits

Every once in a while, the stock market will go through a period of consolidation. When this happens, it looks like the market is just moving sideways. There’s no major ups or downs, nothing noticeable is happening. Trading volume even goes way down…


Oil Sees a Slight Bump

Oil prices are finally starting to show signs of going back up, which is good news for investors, and bad news for commuters when they top to fill up their gas tanks. The big question is, will the price of oil keep going…


Buy the Dip?

Buying Dips

Buying the dip is a popular trading term for the moment when markets hit a relative bottom. Over the last couple trading days, U.S. markets have been noticeably down, and this is something that a lot of people are talking about. But, is…


The Power of the MACD

Trade the Sar

The Currency Pair MACD Strategy strategy offers an easy system which utilizes a pair of widely recognized and highly regarded indicators. Although the strategy is designed with currency pairs in mind, it could be paired with stocks, indices, and commodities as well. The…


Some Tips on How to Avoid Losses

Let’s stop focusing on how to earn money for a moment and concentrate instead on how to avoid binary options losses. Yes, the goal is to have more trades finish in than out of the money, but losses are going to occur. Although…

Know the Rules

A lot of traders think they will make a ton of money. Make sure you understand you can lose everything you put into it. This is with anything you do when it comes to trading. Making smart choices will save you a lot of time and money.