21 Random Acts of Kindness


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Turning 21 is sort of a big deal, but I didn’t want to make it about going to bars and alcohol.  I heard about  and decided to turn my 21st birthday into doing 21 random acts of kindness.  Although I wanted to remain completely anonymous, I decided to hand out my little gifts because of the concern with bomb threats and random packages left.  Below is a random sampling of some of the people I gave the gifts to, how it was received and how it made me feel!

21 Random Acts of Kindness:

-Went into different businesses and gave gifts to people waiting at the bus stop

– I gave a scarf to one homeless man and had a 10 minute conversation with him. He gave me several hugs and was super appreciative.

– I gave gifts to workers in McDonald’s and Quaker Steak and Lube. They were a little surprised but very happy and grateful.

– I gave a gift to a woman waiting at the bus stop and she seemed quite confused, but hopefully giving her a gift made her happy and  she realized the importance of giving back

– I gave gifts to two women in Dave and Andy’s and I have never seen two more grateful ladies. They were amazed by the fact that on my 21st birthday I chose to give out gifts instead of going to the bars as typical college students do. They both hugged me in the most sincere way and it was great.

-I gave a gift to a girl in one of my classes and I had never seen someone so excited. She was so sweet and we now talk to each other on a regular basis in class.

– There’s a blind homeless man who sits outside of Rite-Aid and is an amazing singer. I put a scarf around his neck and also had a conversation with him. When I walked past him before, he had the scarf wrapped tightly around his neck and couldn’t stop touching it. It was so sweet.

I sincerely suggest that everyone take the opportunity, if for no reason at all, to pay it forwards.  The gift is for someone, but the rewards definitely come back to you!


Secret Agent L

Secret Agent L says, "Be Kind. No Exceptions."

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  • What an awesome way to celebrate a milestone birthday and what a wonderful example this young lady has set! So happy to get a Secret Agent L update!

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