Celebrating a Return

Hello all. Number Two here. While my boss, Secret Agent L is taking a much deserved break, including a recent vacation to California (!), I’m going to try and fill in as much as I can. I want to start the return to the blog with an email from the finder of a mission. But first, some thoughts.

Reading the email from ‘Recipient E’ caused me to think about recent events in my own life. The death of a family member. The anniversary of the birth of our country. The things we put off or don’t accomplish because life just gets in the way. We plan and hope and pray only to find that life doesn’t always go according to our wishes.

And sometimes, that’s a good thing.



December 14, 2010


Holiday Treats in Texas


Jason’s Deli, Dallas, TX


12:30 p.m.



I found an orange envelope inside the bathroom of a Jason’s Deli in Dallas, TX. Its definitely been a couple of months, it happened in December of 2010. There was a note and an iTunes giftcard. I haven’t used it yet, but I remember it brightening my day because my boyfriend wasn’t being very pleasant. Its been in my car ever since, and I stumbled upon it again today.


Those reminders are nice to have and even nicer to stumble upon later.

So to welcome you all back to the blog and to welcome the blog back to you, I leave you with a heartfelt prayer for letting go and welcoming back.


In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own. – Alice Walker

Number Two

An involved Pittsburgh volunteer, Vivian also spends her time with the Garage League (of Writers), The Pittsburgh Morning Mix, Zola Design, LLC, UpTo Know Good, The Mattress Factory, an amazing kitchen co-op, biking with Flock of Cycles, hiking, and traveling with her boyfriend and dogs.

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4 Comments to “Celebrating a Return”

  • You and everything you do are amazing! Please keep up the good work by bringing happiness to others!

  • Missed SAL, but happy to see Number Two stepping in and filling those impossible to fill shoes! Thank you for coming back…I, for one, needed you right about now!

  • Hope SAL is back soon! Thanks for taking on the cause #2

  • Ditto – what they all said! :-)

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