MISSION: Finals Stress Relief

The holidays are right around the corner, which means that it’s officially the end of the semester for those of us in the academic circles. I work at a university here in Pittsburgh, and I’ve seen first-hand the stress that Finals Week can cause our students. Some of them seem to stay in their pajamas for the entire week, while others look as though they’re *this close* to falling over from lack of sleep. I love Affiliated Agent H’s mission from last week. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Affiliated Agent H

women’s restroom
Point Park University
Pittsburgh, PA

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With finals week upon Point Park University, I thought it would be good to spread some cheer and remind students to take some time out for themselves. They always seem to get so worked up, as all students do, so I left a few care packages in the bathrooms around the University (mainly in the library since that’s where the most studying seems to get done!). It was just a little something to pamper themselves: lipgloss, lotion, hand sanitizer and a note reminding them to remember to have some “me” time.

(Side note-Target is awesome for buying lotions and such; they are completely sealed so the recipient knows it hasn’t been tampered with. A crappy but realistic concern in today’s society.)

Truth be told, I had a pretty terrible weekend. I had planned on leaving the gifts this week anyways to help with the stress of finals, but it’s amazing how the good feelings work both ways. My mood was instantly brightened just by doing something that could potentially brighten someone else’s day!

I’m so sorry you had such a rough weekend, Affiliated Agent H! But I’m SO glad that your decision to give of yourself and of your heart helped to turn things around. As Number Two always says, “When you need, give.” And she’s right!  AND, how exciting that the person who found one of your gifts Tweeted about it and included a picture! LOVE IT!


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  • Secret minds think alike. I also left a few packages around my college last week during finals. Of course the camera I grabbed had dead batteries when I pulled it out to use it. It gave me a positive focus instead of stressing over my finals. Good job!
    Affiliated Agent S

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