MISSION: Flash Mob of Kindness and Day Brightening

You know what I love?

A good flash mob.

My incredible Number Two organized this awesome flash mob today that took place at noon in Pittsburgh’s Market Square.  With the help and kindness of the Point Park University Conservatory of Dance’s extremely talented (and darling!) dancers, some happy sunflowers complete with Secret Agent L business cards attached to them, and some fun music, we managed to give cold, dreary Pittsburgh something to feel warm and sunny about during the lunch hour.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Secret Agent L
Number Two
Point Park University Conservatory of Dance

Market Square
Pittsburgh, PA

12:00 p.m.

{It was really windy, so please make sure your sound is turned all the way up so you can hear the music!}

After the dance number, the dancers handed out the sunflowers to onlookers.

The applause and smiles on people’s faces made our day!!  Hooray for kindness and day brightening!!  And THANK YOU to Point Park University’s INCREDIBLE DANCERS!  I love you guys!!!

Secret Agent L

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9 Comments to “MISSION: Flash Mob of Kindness and Day Brightening”

  • things like this make me Cry Happy Tears…

    *SO* awesome… <3

  • SO much fun! I loved seeing all the people afterward headed back to the office with their sunflowers on a windy, cold day.

  • Brilliant! I'm still smiling here too. Have you heard of ImprovEverywhere? They do fun things like this too.

    Happy Halloween!!


  • Awesome!!!!!! I wish I knew people here who would do that! They did a fantastic job!

  • That was incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awwww that was fantastic. Put a big smile on my face that is still there. THANK YOU for all that you do SAL. You're one of my She-ros! :)

  • That was absolutely amazing.

    I may try to organize something like this in Hungary. Hungarians need some happiness.

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