MISSION: Journal It Out.

I’m a huge fan of journals. Sometimes, when my brain feels like it can’t possibly hold any more information, I’ll grab a journal and just write. Get it out. Empty my brain. It’s incredibly cathartic and theraputic. And sometimes, I enjoy looking back at past entries, peeking into the past and seeing where or how I was on a particular day long ago. It helps to give me perspective and remind me that even in hard times, I’ve survived. I’m moved forward.

Affiliated Agent J completed her second mission back in February, and she chose a journal as her way of extending kindness. I love it, and I hope the recipient did, too!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Affiliated Agent J

dorm building
William and Mary College
Williamsburg, Virginia

around 10 a.m.

Hello Secret Agent L!

I went to Michael’s the other day and discovered the $1 section! I don’t know how I’d missed it before, but I found some really pretty note cards and journals. I went down to my alma mater this past weekend (The College of William and Mary), and I decided to leave a journal and a nice note in one of the dorms for upperclassmen. I wrote a note wishing the finder a great day and suggesting they use the journal to write down happy things and look back at it on a rainy day when they needed some encouragement. I hope the person who found it will enjoy the journal!

journal and card

inside of card

card and gift

gift on table

gift closeup

Secret Agent L

Secret Agent L says, "Be Kind. No Exceptions."

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