MISSION: Right On, Rookie!

You know what’s awesome?

Men who are kind.

I love when I get missions from the dudes out there. And this one? Well, let’s just say that I am one lucky gal to have Affiliated Agent M from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, in my ranks.  This guy’s awesome. And he’s funny, too!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Affiliated Agent M

high school staff room
Willow Creek Community Church
South Barrington, IL

9 p.m.

I’ve read several of the missions online, and they are part of the inspiration for doing these things for other people. I notice that many of the missions are women, and they bring a lot of thought and feeling to the missions that they do. But being a guy, and even though I have my thoughts and feelings about doing this rookie mission, I found myself sneaking into church where I planned to drop off this gift, singing to myself the song from the old TV show Secret Agent Man. Maybe just a guy thing, but do the women agents have this song in mind too?

Mission De-briefing:

The staff at the church that I go to is fairly big, and they work really hard each week. I picked one of the staff rooms used by people who lead the high school groups, since they deal with so much with all that high schoolers go through these days. I picked up one of those small gift books that you can find at lots of stores, this one by Max Lucado, one of my favorite authors. It has some inspirational stories and topics in it. I stopped off at church late one evening when there are only a few classes or small group meetings going on, and all of the staff have gone home. Being a volunteer with master keys to most places inside the building, I was able to let myself into the high school staff room, which is normally locked at the end of the day like most of these sections of the building. (Do Affiliated Agents get training on how to open locked doors for missions like this?) I dropped off the book on top of one of the copy machines in their room, which should get noticed by whoever is first to use the machine in the morning. Like you say, this will hopefully brighten someone’s morning, and some people may share books like this with others when they are finished reading them.

Ma’am, Affiliated Agent M reporting in, first rookie mission complete. I learned that I may need a better camera than the one that comes with my cell phone. It takes decent pictures in some lighting, but some indoor pictures aren’t as clear as with a regular camera. Noted for the next mission.

As one of our neighbors usually says, “Have a fabulous day!”

Secret Agent L

Secret Agent L says, "Be Kind. No Exceptions."

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2 Comments to “MISSION: Right On, Rookie!”

  • To answer Agent M’s question, “Do the women agents have this song in mind too?”

    YES! :-D

  • Secret Agent L is right… men who are kind are AWESOME!! Nice work rookie!!

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