MISSIONS: Treats after Treatment

Yesterday was a hard day. After learning about the horrible shooting at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic here in Pittsburgh–literally 5 minutes down the road from where I work–my heart became so heavy. My mother, who suffers from schizoaffective disorder, has spent a lot of time at Western Psych. I have friends who have been there, too. I have a close colleague whose wife works there. Many people in Pittsburgh have or have had some connection with this world-class facility. So yesterday’s event hit incredibly close to home, in so many ways for so many of us.  Thank you for your prayers and concern. Oh, how they were needed!

And it got me thinking.

At times like these, I believe it is imperative that we remember this: taking care of one another, in any way we can, is all that matters. Love. That’s it. The act of loving. Giving of ourselves. Caring for one another.

That’s. It.

So today’s mission is one I wanted to post right away. Caring for one another, especially in times of suffering, pain, and illness. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Thank you, Affiliated Agent N, for caring for those around you. And I’m so glad that you continue to beat cancer! {SAL fans, you can see another mission that Affiliated Agent completed here.}

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Affiliated Agent N

Seidman Cancer Center
Cleveland, Ohio

not specified

I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve been on a mission. Life stepped up its pace a bit…

January 4, 2012, I had what will be my last CAT scan. I have developed an allergy to the dye. So, now, I’ll get PET scans instead. But, that’s really irrelevant! I had my follow up appointment on January 10. After the appointment, I was able to leave my gift on a car parked in a space allocated for cancer patients. It really thrills me to do this! I see the people in the waiting room at the cancer center. Young, old, male, female…some looking very sick and tired, others sporting, perhaps, a fine new wig. But, everyone is there with one goal…to beat this illness…to feel well…to stay alive! I have come to love the energy of this cancer center. How’s that for a sunny outlook, LOL. Ok, the pictures follow. Just a little tidbit to whet the palate and ease the mind. Comfort treats!

I hope everyone else is enjoying their winter missions! I am finding it challenging to hit a day with no rain or snow. I also found out the cancer center closer to my house has only valet parking! I cannot sneak in. So, I will continue my missions every 3 months, when I have an appt. of my own.

God bless you all and keep you safe and healthy in the New Year!

Secret Agent L

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3 Comments to “MISSIONS: Treats after Treatment”

  • I have a good friend whose 3 yrs old is battling relapsed brain cancer. (I KNOW he will win!). I know the stress and struggle they go through to help him beat this monster so I super duper loved this mission. With tears in my eyes, I wanted to say thank you for a beautiful deed well done. <3

  • Dawn, a three year old should not have to be in a cancer center! I can only hope and pray that he and his parents get to see the finer side of humanity, as I have through this illness. If you ever wondered whether or not people are good or evil at the core, you can rest assured that they are good. All the best to this little guy and his parents.
    And thank YOU for still being their friend

  • Agent N, I lived across the street from his mom as a teen. Through the magic of facebook, we reconnected when she was pregnant with the little guy. He was first diagnosed at 16 months (I believe). It’s been terrifying to witness so I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to watch your own child struggle like that. He is now traveling from PA to NY every week for several weeks for treatment at Memorial Sloane Kettering. He will always have some effects from his treatment but I’m hoping they can put this part behind them soon. Thank you for your good wishes!! And yes, they have seen the best in people…many they never even met before. As for me, I believe every day that there is more good in the world than evil. It’s the only way to live!!

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